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Welcome to God's Basement

An afterlife for very special individuals.

What is God's Basement?

Short Description

God's Basement is a first-person, narrative-driven, single player horror game. Uncover the secrets of an afterlife shrouded in mystery, as an entity known as "The Operator" leads you deeper into the fringes of a seemingly eternal purgatory.

The deeper you explore, the more you remember about your past life, along with the horrors associated with it. Discover the secret to God's Basement and what kind of individuals are sentenced here. Fight the fear seeping into your mind as the horrors of the past come alive through the world around you.


God's Basement | Trailer 

Short Trailer

God's Basement | Extended Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a console release planned?

Currently there are no plans to release on console. 

Is there an official release date?

The game was released on October 16th, 2018.

How big is your team?

Just one person. Hi.

What kind of mechanics will the game have?

God's Basement doesn't have any complicated mechanics. The game doesn't involve any survival, retaliation or "hide and seek" style gameplay. Atmospheric horror elements are emphasized, along with creepy and borderline disturbing imagery. Most of the events in the game are scripted and straightforward although there are puzzles and riddles to be found. This game follows more of a "Walking-Simulator" style of gameplay than an action oriented one. I prefer to be transparent and if you're looking for a fast-paced, action-packed survival horror experience, this game probably won't satisfy that need. If you're looking for a slower-paced, narrative-driven experience that puts a strong emphasis on fear, give this game a try.

Was this game inspired by the Silent Hills Playable Teaser?


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